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Halloween entry


Written for
:  [info]prof_ryoki

Type: fanfic

Genre: Fluff

Pairings: ShunUki

Rating: PG

Others: Preparations for the „Day of the Dead“




Disclaimer: No. Nothing changed. It’s still not mine. 

In every way special



In soul society was the „Day of the Dead/All Hallows Evening“ a national holiday. The Divisions offices closed, the members in beautifull (sometimes even expensive) kimonos, the streets decorated in millions of colours. Every year it would be an event and everybody loved it. And every year a division would organize it. This year it should be the jyuu-san-ban – the 13th squad, under the lead of Ukitake Jyuushirou and the whole division was in an uproar.



The 2 sansekis (3rd seats) tried to convince their captain into doing nothing and give them the full responsibility of the preparations. Needless to say, the answer was a stern „No.“

As much as Ukitake loved his 3rd seats and even gave them important work to do, this was something, he simply couldn’t give them. This was even more important than leading a fight against hollows. Besides, Ukitake felt very good. He hadn’t coughed the whole day and he was in really high spirits. Though, very nervous. The expections were high, as always and he didn’t want to disappoint them.

Dawn was setting already over soul society and the squad was almost done.

But that didn’t prevent Ukitake from being nervous. Subconsciously he began to bit his nails. He rarely did that. And Kyouraku Shunsui knew it.

„Hey ya, pretty boy!“

Ukitake jumped lightly and turned to his friend.

„How are the preparations going?“

Ukitake looked again at his working squad. „Actually very good. We’re almost done. I hope the others will like it.“

„Oh they’ll love it.“ Ukitake felt 2 strong arms sneaking around his waist from behind and pressing his back into that warm, lean body. He sighed in content. But he was still nervous.

„You can’t know that.“

Shunsui laughed slightly.

„Oh I can. Haven’t you heard?“

The whitehaired man turned his head to look curiously at his lover.


Shunsui placed his chin on the shoulder of his love and smiled at him.

„The halloween, that is organized by the 13th squad is considered the most wonderfull in soul society and every 13 years seireitei lives and awaits the evening.“

Ukitake looked puzzled. He hedn’t heard of that yet.

„Really? How come I don’t know about it?“

„You’re always so nervous, that you rarely pay attention.“ Shunsui smiled. „Why don’t you chill a little? It’ll be fine...“ And he started to kiss that pale, soft neck. Ukitake tilted his head an sighed again. If it was in content, or simply exasperation he didn’t really know.

„If you say so...“

And they fell silent. Shunsui never stopped kissing the pale neck of his lover and Ukitake simply enjoyed the sensation the touch left. They stood there like that, enjoying eachothers presence for a time which seemed for Ukitake too short. He woud’ve liked if it lasted at least an eternity. But that couldn’t be now, could it? There was still stuff left that needed to be done. This had to wait. Then a though crossed his mind.



„Why is the 13th division prepared event considered the best?“

Shunsui lifted his head. „Because it’s the most wonderfull one.“

He looked down at the street. „Just think about it. Yama-jii always makes it so damn traditional and conservative, Soifons is always very plain and spartian, Ichimaru always left everything to Kira and his were nice, but it seemed always a bit shy. As if he wanted to try something new, but he feared that it wouldn’t be appreciated. Unohana makes it too simple, that it can’t be considered elegant anymore. Aizen made it too sweet, Byakuyas is very traditional as Yama-jiis, only worse. Tousen did always bring something that had to do with his justice and simply didn’t fit into Halloween, and the Fox-guy hasn’t a big talent for this. Shirou-chan hates to organize it and Matsumoto exagerates it. As for Zaraki and Kurotsuchi I don’t really have to speak, do I?“

Ukitake had to laugh. He never really thought about it like that. But Shunsui wasn’t done.

„While yours...Yours is always so elegant and original. You always try to make it look adequate and bring a spirit into it. You always give it the right touch. It’s just like you: In every way special.“

The last sentence Shunsui whispered into his lovers ear and began to stroke his abdomen and returned to kissing his neck. Ukitake smiled. He noticed what Shunsui tried to avoid.

„And you? What do they say about your ‚organizing talent‘?“

Shunsui stopped in his ministrations and sent Ukitake a pout. „You’re mean...“

He fell silent for a few moments, as if considering saying it or not. Finaly he spoke: „They’re considered a drinking party.“

Ukitake burst out laughing and Shunsui pouted even more.

„Not fair.“

But the whitehaired man continued to laugh. And after a while Shunsuis pout faded and was replaced by a soft smile. Seeing Ukitake laugh, was something very rare, as he always watched out because of his sickness. Speeking o‘ which...

„You don’t cough.“

Ukitake turned with a smile to his lover.

„I feel the whole day so good...Very good and high-spirited...Nervous, but happy. It’s a wonderfull evening and as it seems, even my tuberculosis has a sense of though.“

Shunsui had to laugh at this.

„In every way special.“

Ukitake smiled. „So it seems.“

„And very modest.“

„In every way special.“


And they kissed. It was then and there when a firework exploded. They bothe jumped a bit an dparted for a second to look at what happened. But then they saw the wonderfull colours of the firework and they smiled at eachother and their lips met again.

„Taichou, I apologize sincerely I didn’t mean to-“ bus as Kiyone saw, that it didn’t bother her captain the slightest (in fact, he was smiling in the kiss), she turned away, red as a plum blossom, and thought it would be better not to disturb, the two men.

The kiss didn’t last long and the lovers parted and their eyes met.

„You know what?“ Jyuushirou whispered. „I think it will be the most beatifull halloween in the history of Seireitei.

Shunsui smiled. „So do I.“

And as they looked at the darkening sky and at the people preparing the evenings parade, they knew, that halloween was more then a national holliday. It was special. In every way. In every way beautifull.




Hope you liked it! ^^

Wasn’t it too fluffy? Are you now sugar-high, or it actually wasn’t that sweet?

Tell me ^^



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Oct. 31st, 2008 12:33 am (UTC)
Awwwwwww Jyuu is so adorable! :) Of course he'd be nervous even though everyone always loves it. But Shunsui made him feel better! Very sweet, but good because they're adorable. Very nice. :)

(You could do with a beta, though.)
Oct. 31st, 2008 02:05 pm (UTC)
Hehe. Beta, huh?
I could, I really could...
But thanks for the comment! Somehow I felt like Ukitake, as I read this over and over. You really calmed though ^^
Oct. 31st, 2008 11:43 am (UTC)
Yay!!! Thanks, you fulfilled my request perfectly, thank you so much. I loved it :D
Oct. 31st, 2008 02:07 pm (UTC)
*huggles and kisses*
I'm SO HAPPY you loved it!
Nov. 1st, 2008 08:57 am (UTC)
Kiyone walking in on them made me chuckle
Oct. 8th, 2009 08:35 pm (UTC)
i love shunuki as much as renichi maybe a little more. i have to say this is one of my favs. you are an awsome writer. i'm new to bleach yaoi and to computers. if i could figure out a way to mark this as a favorite i would. please keep writing. i found your site and love it immensely.
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