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November assignments - fanfic





Author: since it was Anyone the admin chose...ME!
Manga-verse or Anime-verse: Either
Fanfic/fan art/icons etc: Fanfic
Genre: Nothing angsty
Pairings/characters: Ikkaku centric, with Yumichika in there, but it doesn’t has  to be neccesarily seen as a pairing.
Request/Prompts: Needs to have a birthday cake in there somewhere
Do not have: Angsty and anything too extreme if there is NC-17 material, so there isn’t any. Mainly fluff. Maybe an itsy bitsy angsty, but only in the slightest way. But its as sweet and fluffy as I can write such drabbles.
Others: Have fun! I was having, I really was.


Disclaimer: I checked just yesterday. I still don’t own it.



Ikakku looked at the bright blue sky over Seireitei, currently sitting an the veranda of the 11th division. The good weather irritated him. It didn’t fit into his mood. It was 9th november and it was a day like every other – not that it bothered him that much. It wasn’t like he liked or needed and uproar, unlike Yumichika. That damn narcissist always went insane on his bithday. Everybody needed to know and it was always celebrated. Mostly it was drinking sake but there were some sweets too, in contrary to other ‚drinking parties‘ durring the year. But Ikkaku understood it and understood why the darkhaired male needed the attention and didn’t mind. What he minded more was the delight Yumichika woke up with when it was his – Ikkakus birthday. He never mentioned it, never said a word, but he showed through his actions that he wished the (not)bald man well. Ikkaku sincerely hated it. And every decated would that blasted peacock buy him a cake. Ikkaku hated it. He didn’t see the point in celebrating birthday. Hell, they were dead! Is anybody noticing that twisted point?

Ikkaku always wished that Yumichika would just leave him alone. And now, that it happened, Ikkaku wished nothing more then Yumichika to be with him, sitting on this damned veranda and chatting over something. Anything. Whatever.

But his captain decided that Yumichika wasn’t needed in this division as much, so he sent him away. Into the real world. On a mission. And through all his pride, Ikkaku had to admit that he missed the narcissistic, egocentric, arrogant peacock. Not his cake. Never. No. Simply not. Not in a million years.

Ikkaku sighed. Who would have ever thought that he’ll feel like this...In need for attention on his birthday.

Looking at the bright blue sky he realized Yumichika wouldn’t be coming back anytime soon.

Ikkaku sighed. It seems to be true, that you realize how much you needed something when you’re already missing it.

He stood up. Maybe he should take a walk and beat some guys up. It helped in the past. And you’re supposed to do what you like on your birthday, no? He headed for the gates of the 11th division, when he felt it. The tiniest bit, but he felt it. The familiar bright reiatsu, bursting with energy, shining bright purple, azure and wisteria. That unmistakable reiatsu Ikkaku would recognize under billions of people. Yumichika. Ikkaku didn’t want desperatly to turn on his wheel and run to the place he felt it eminating form and his heart wasn’t racing, no, not a bit. And he surely wasn’t trembling in anticipation and he most certainly didn’t feel like his chest was going to explode from a very positive feeling what deffinitely wasn’t happiness.

But as he felt that cocky reiatsu approaching, coming closer, he couldn’t deny it anymore – he was happy that Yumichika was back. And as he heard that voice that sounded like a rough symphony, he couldn’t but turn around and stare at the newcomer in awe.

„Ikkaku...Where were you heading?“

„What are you doing here?!“

Yumichika scowled. „Hello Yumichika, I’m happy you could make it, I’m glad you’re here with me and hurried back to be on time, running like a madman and even maging to make your clothes dirty in the severing world. Thank you very much, I owe you one.“ The darkhaired male glared daggers at the baldheaded man. Needless to say – Ikkaku glared back.

„Che. Like I ever said something like that.“

„Well you didn’t and that’s the point. Honestly. I’m trying to be back as soon as possible even carrying a cake, I made myself and this is as much I get.“

„Well it’s not like I asked you to-...Wait. What did you say?“ Ikkaku had to be mistaken. He couldn’t have heard that. Yumichika couldn’t...could he? Ikkaku was shocked, but the scowl didn’t leave Yumichikas face.

„It’s not like it matters anymore.“ But nonetheless, he removed his hands from his back (Ikkaku realized that he hadn’t even noticed that he had them there) and revealed what he had been hiding behind himself. A cake. It wasn’t big, but it was nicely decorated and looked simply delicious. And what was mostly suspicious was, that the decór looked like something only Yumichika could make.

„Chika...“ Ikkaku was stunned. It would be a blatant lie not to say so. „Did you...“ okay, that question was unneccesary, but... „How?“

Yumichika averted his gaze and Ikkaku could’ve sworn that there was something red covering Yumichikas cheeks. Could the darkhaired be blushing? Yumichika? No...Impossible...

„I learned it at the real world. There was this soul and he needed somebody to make a cake and it’s rather complicated.“ (Yumichika thought that complicated things were ugly.)

„But I figured that since I now know how to bake, I could make you something. I knew it was a bad ide-, what are you doing?!“

Ikkaku didn’t care anymore. Yumichika made this for him. He knew that Yumichika didn’t like to show and/or admit that he cared. In this matter he and Ikkaku were alike. Showing emotions was a real no-go for them. But seeing that Yumichika did this for him he figured it would be only fair if he gave him something in return. For example a hug.

„I love it Yumichika. Thank you.“

Yumichikas face was for an instant covered in awe, but it soon faded and was replaced by a small smile, as he leaned into the embrace.

„Happy 400th birthday Ikkkaku.“

It may be true that Ikkaku hated ruckuss over his birthday and didn’t want presents, but it would be a blatant lie to tell, that he didn’t miss one cetrain person and his (exasperating) attention. Maybe it wasn’t all that bad, to get every decade a birthday cake. But only maybe. And it wasn’t like he would admit it anytime soon.


Hope you liked it!




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Nov. 9th, 2008 11:00 pm (UTC)
hehe! I liked I liked!

Somehow, I can totally imagine Yumichika bringing back a chef's hat and going "Don't I look beautiful?" *giggle*
Nov. 10th, 2008 10:11 am (UTC)
I didn't think of that one, bur you're SO RIGHT!
*laughs at the mental image*
Well, I'm happy you liked it! ^^
Nov. 11th, 2008 07:01 pm (UTC)
oh oh oh! Imagine him forcing Ikkaku into one!

"But you should cover that b--shiny head of yours!"
"I didn't say you were... And don't yell. Yelling is not beautiful."
*Ikkaku's head turns into a red light wearing a chef's hat*

Nov. 9th, 2008 11:59 pm (UTC)
Awwwwwwwww. That's adorable. No, Ikkaku, of course you didn't miss him. You don't like him at all either. We believe you. :p

And hahaha, ditto what wintaerland said. *sniggers at the mental image* He so would! :)
Nov. 10th, 2008 10:12 am (UTC)
Sure Kaku. Yeah, right.
I'm glad you agree with me. ^______^
Nov. 10th, 2008 01:42 pm (UTC)
Lol, sweet and funny. Nice birthday fic
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Dec. 31st, 2012 10:45 am (UTC)
One: I don't think I make any points with this fanfiction.
Two: If you comment, comment on the fanfiction.
Three: ALong with what?
Four: STop confusing me with someone else.
Five: Marking this as spam.
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