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2009: March Birthdays: OPEN

Hello all,

Sign-ups for the March Birthday Exchange are now OPEN!

Here are the birthdays for next month:

CharacterDate of Birth
Ishida RyuukenMarch 14th
Ishida SoukenMarch 22nd
Don KanonjiMarch 23rd
Kira IzuruMarch 27th
Kurotsuchi MayuriMarch 30th
Kurotsuchi NemuMarch 30th

Since any fic/drawing/icon must include the birthday boy/girl, please do specify which character you would like in your creation. To join in on this exchange, please fill out both of these forms as it makes it much easier for us moderators to assign stuff later on. Deadline for sign-ups is going to be February 15th.

Format for Requests
Manga-verse or Anime-verse:
Fanfic/fan art/icons etc:
Genre: What genre you want. For example, you want mystery in the fic
Character/Pairings: Which birthday boy/girl and possible pairings
Request/Prompts: What you want to appear in the fic or art
Do not have: eg. No slash, rape, etc
Format for Offers
Manga-verse or Anime-verse:
Fanfic / Fanart  / icons etc:
Genre you are comfortable with:
Character/Pairing you are willing to write: Which birthday boy/girl and possible pairings
Not willing to write: Eg. Rape, Incest, Bondage
Now go sign up!


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Feb. 8th, 2009 07:32 pm (UTC)
Format for Requests
Author: anybody willing to write the things I put into the request
Manga-verse or Anime-verse: whichever the user is comfortable
Fanfic/fan art/icons etc: fic or art
Genre: Whatever the author thinks is the best. BUt I don't really like fluff...not with Kira...Kira is too unfluffy...
Character/Pairings: Kira but Gods, NO Hisagi. I take Renji, Ikkaku, hell even Yumichika, Zaraki or Ichigo, but please no Hisagi.
Request/Prompts: A pleasent surprise since a long time. And something Kira-like.
Do not have: a masochistic and weak Kira
Others: ahuuu, ehm...anooooooo...have fun?

Format for Offers
Author: Let's see...me!
Manga-verse or Anime-verse: Anime
Fanfic / Fanart / icons etc: fic
Genre you are comfortable with: well...everything?
Character/Pairing you are willing to write: Kira, but I'm absolutely not willing to pair hiim up wit Hisagi. I hate.Hisagi
Not willing to write: Why don't you try me?
Others: ...?
Feb. 25th, 2009 11:17 pm (UTC)
Seems like there was no one but you who wanted anything for March birthdays. Sorry

Um... if you really wanted to write something, feel free to write it and post it up here as a gift to the community. And maybe someone in the community will surprise you with a fic in return?
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