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Bleach Festivals Exchange

Exchange fics/art for the big days!

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About Us
bleachexchange is a community that provides a place for all Bleach fans to meet and exchange fics or art on major festivals and the birthdays of our beloved Bleach characters.
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How It All Works
1. About 1-2 months to any big day, we will ask for participants to post their intention to join the current exchange and what kind of fics/art they want and/or are willing to contribute in the comments section of the opening post. This will last for 2 weeks:

Format for Requests

Manga-verse or anime-verse:
What you want (fanfic, fanart, icons, etc.):
Genre (mystery, romance, fluff, humor, etc.):
What you don't want to see (be specific):
Other Comments:

Format for Creators

Manga-verse or anime-verse:
What you want to do (fanfic, fanart, icons, etc.):
Genre you are comfortable with:
Pairings/Characters you are willing to write:
Things you are NOT willing to do (be specific):
Other Comments:

2. The mods will take about a week to allocate fics/art to the participants. Each participant must keep the identity of his recipient a secret.

3. Participants are given a month to create their pieces.

4. The participants are allowed to post their pieces one week leading up to the event. The deadline is the date of the occasion.
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Rules and Formats
1. When submitting, please put an entry title in this format:
       [Event Exchange]: [Type of Creation] for [Name of Recipient] from [Name of Creator]
       (ex: Halloween Exchange: Fanfiction for chewysweet from wintaerland)
2. Please post in a format similar to this:

       (LJ cut or Link to creation)

       Any additional comments/thoughts you care to share with us 
3. Always be polite. Constructive criticisms are welcome but not flaming.
4. You must post a creation once you have been allocated a request.
5. Please friend-lock all NC-17 entries.
6. Please ensure that your fics have decent grammar and spelling.

If there are any questions or suggestions, please feel free to PM either of the two mods.
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